Civic Compliance Technology


DCA’s Civic Compliance division is comprised of our PinForce and PayStay product suites.

We are the market leaders in parking enforcement, vehicle detection and infringement management solutions using mobile technology.

DCA’s civic compliance applications comprise:

  • PinForce Mobile:
    An extensive and scalable system that supports a multitude of infringement types and bylaw processes.
  • PinForce Sentinel:
    State-of-the-art Vehicle Detection technology that integrates with PinForce Mobile and provides wide-ranging parking behaviour data.
  • PayStay:
    A pay-by-phone parking system that is designed to complement existing parking meters, and is fully integrated with PinForce Mobile.
  • PinForce LPR:
    A vehicle mounted mobile Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) system that integrates with PinForce Mobile
  • PinForce City Wide:
    Designed for a wide range of council local compliance and inspection processes.
  • PinForce ePermits:
    A management system and self-service portal for issuing, administrating and enabling enforcement of electronic permits.

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