Training & development

At DCA, we encourage our staff to continuously grow and develop their technical and general business skills. We have a dedicated HR function within the business that monitors and supports individual development programs, driven by our employees so that they can reach their full potential. Our training and development resources are wide and varied depending on the needs of the individual. DCA staff will participate in some or all of the following activities during their employment at DCA:

  • On-the-job training – specific to the technologies used and the products and services we have developed and provide to our clients.
  • Relevant training courses – individuals are encouraged to nominate courses that they would like to attend to enhance their technical and general business skills – they are able to recommend courses they wish to attend or HR will source the courses for them.
  • Group training – DCA have built in-house courses for staff groups – this recently included on-site SQL Server Primer training for some of our Developers, Behavioural Recruitment Skills for Managers and Performance Management Skills for Managers.
  • Attending conferences – DCA encourage staff to network and keep abreast of the latest developments within an individual’s work discipline by attending relevant conferences and public forums.
  • Tertiary Study support – DCA has a tertiary study support policy – it is based on job relevance and the employee successfully passing their subjects.
  • Mentoring –  DCA have used Mentors to assist technical staff moving into management positions – to broaden their general skills in areas such as shareholder returns, business development, project management, staff leadership, etc.
  • E-learning – DCA has used e-learning as a development option for staff. The benefits of this are that staff can work their training around their own schedules and also have access to 24-7 online book services providing the very latest information for technical and general business management development.
  • Team-based activities – DCA has had a number of team based activities which improves staff knowledge sharing and sense of team belonging. These have included trips to the Yarra Valley, boat trips, dinners, lunches, etc.
  • Buddy system – DCA have a Buddy system to assist new DCA staff members to settle into the organisation in a quick and friendly manner. This helps build a sense of security with our new staff and enables them to feel part of the company and able to contribute in a more confident way in the early part of their career at DCA.
  • Guest Speaker Lunches – we have Guest Speaker Lunches every couple of months, to which all DCA staff are invited. Guest speakers are invited to talk on a range of non-technical topics including: motivation, managing stress, improved fitness, managing your financial affairs, salary packaging options and benefits, setting goals, time management and improving your communications skills.
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