Staff quality of life at DCA

At DCA, we encourage community spirit and a sense of DCA family. We achieve this through a number of initiatives including:

Social Club

The Social Club has been in operation since DCA’s inception. Managers and staff participate in DCA’s social club enhancing a sense of social connection within the company. Management match the Social Club’s revenue budget dollar for dollar to encourage staff to participate in a range of social activities including: Go Kart racing, Gold-Class Movie nights, Bowling nights, Picnics, AFL nights, Trivia nights, sporting events, concerts, discount voucher books, etc. The Social Club is a great way to get to know people in other Divisions within the company and plays an important part in the evolution of DCA’s culture.  

Company Improvement Team (CIT)

 The CIT has been operation within DCA since 2004. The CIT comprises one non-management staff member from each Division with DCA. The CIT’s objective is to work on a number of company-wide projects that improve the quality of life for both employees and Managers within the company. Examples of projects include: development and maintenance of DCA’s intranet, development of DCA’s buddy program, development and implementation of DCA’s guest speaker programs, review and improvement of DCA’s work environment and health policy, development and maintenance of DCA’s suggestion box, development and delivery of DCA’s group induction presentation to new staff, etc  

Guest Speaker Programs

 As a reward to our hard-working staff, DCA host guest-speaker lunch sessions approximately every 2 months. DCA staff have input to the topics for the guest speakers. To date topics have included: Motivation, Get More Energy, Stress Management, Improving your health, Salary Packaging options and have included a range of specialist speakers including Tom Hafey, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and other motivational speakers.

EEO/OHS environment

As a responsible corporate citizen, DCA invests in our environment to ensure compliance with latest changes in EEO and WHS legislation. DCA have a well-trained OHS Rep and WHS Committee. In addition we have Fire Wardens and First Aiders. We are pleased to report that we have an incident free workplace with regard to EEO and WHS.

Staff induction

At DCA, we believe welcoming our new team members needs to be done in a professional and welcoming manner. This has had a big impact on how well new staff settle into their careers at DCA. We have formulated an induction program that encourages detailed support from the immediate manager, the immediate work team and also to participate in a Group Induction with other staff members who have joined the organisation within the same month. All new staff are encouraged to participate in our Buddy program where another DCA staff member from outside the immediate work group is nominated to welcome the new staff member and act as a support for questions during the first month of employment.

Friday night drinks

 DCA hosts Friday night drinks each week. All staff are invited and encouraged to attend this in an event to debrief after a hectic week’s work and to connect with staff from different departments. DCA is a social work environment and Friday night drinks allows staff to chat with everyone (including Managers) in a relaxed and informal way.  

Our office environment

The DCA office is trendy and fashionable. The office has an open-plan layout with a number of meeting rooms available for staff members to use. There are 2 kitchen/break out areas at either end of our Spencer Street office. The office décor is exposed brick complemented by modern art, and bright coloured furnishings. Staff often mingle in the breakout area around lunchtime to chat, read a book or magazine, or simply to prepare and eat their lunch. Our kitchens are fitted out with microwaves, sandwich makers, fridge, coffee, filtered water, bowls, cutlery, etc. DCA encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle and provides fruit for our staff each week. In addition, we have 2 showers for those staff that like to ride to work or take a run at lunchtime.

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