Reward & recognition at DCA

At DCA we strongly believe in rewarding outstanding and excellent performance.

DCA offers the following rewards & recognition to our staff:

Performance Incentive Scheme

Conditions include:

  • Financial bonuses according to KPIs.
  • Other incentive training.

Performance Management

Conditions include:

  • All staff have at least one formal Performance Review with their Manager by June of each year.
  • Managers are encouraged to provide regular informal feedback to staff throughout the year.
  • Our performance review process enables 2-way feedback and gives our staff the opportunity to discuss training and development requirements, salary expectations and desired salary increase.

Awards, Prizes and Functions

Conditions include:

  • DCA managers are encouraged to ‘spot-reward’ staff for extraordinary effort. This may include Gold-Class cinema tickets, a bottle of wine and shopping gift vouchers.
  • In highly profitable years, DCA management have elected to share the spoils with staff, by embarking on exciting adventures including helicopter rides, boat rides and events in the tallest building in the city.
  • Long serving staff receive a 10 year gift in a public ceremony for their commitment to DCA.

Flexible Working Conditions at DCA

Training and Development Opportunities at DCA

‘High Potential’ program at DCA

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