Working at DCA

If you are applying for a position at DCA it will most likely be in one of the following areas:

Outlined below is a brief overview of:

  • The type of work performed in each department.
  • The culture within the department.
  • The technologies that are used in the department.

Software Development

The Software Development team is responsible for all product development at DCA, providing development services internally to each of the main product areas. By centralising our development resource, DCA provides for greater diversity of project work while allowing for sharing of technical ideas and development standards across the various products, platforms and technologies.

DCA provides development services from analysis right through to testing, delivery and support. Project teams are formed around the various projects at the inception stage based on skills, experience and suitability.

IT Support

The IT Support team perform a variety of roles including the implementation of our software at customer sites, user training and technical assistance relating to product customisations and tailored solutions. We are also responsible for the generation of user manuals, instruction and training guides.

Through our helpdesk, we provide technical support to customers assisting with a wide range of queries, issues and requests. Due to the fact that we visit our customers and speak to them regularly, we provide a very personal touch to our helpdesk that make all customers feel valued.


The Operations team performs a number of different and varied tasks but at the end of the day it is all about the data, and the manipulation of that data. We use our custom developed data manipulation software Nirvana to perform many of the required tasks such as ETL, Data Formatting, Parsing, Cleansing, Deduplication / Scrubbing, Data Capture etc. We also provide operational support for bespoke applications that DCA’s development team have built and we now host and maintain for clients.

Customer service is delivered by our Client Liaison Officers (CLO). The CLO is responsible for the customer relationship and the delivery of quality outcomes for our clients. Tasks are diverse and include the taking of briefs, documentation, follow-up, invoicing and ensuring the clients deliverables are met. Ultimately we are a knowledge sharing department that is customer focused, quality motivated and deadline driven. We take great pride in the fact that we deliver high quality outcomes for our clients.

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