People & Culture

DCA appreciates the significant contribution its employees make towards the company’s ongoing success. We value our staff, and are committed to creating a team-based, proactive working environment for all who decide to join us. We acknowledge our responsibilities to ourselves, each other, our clients and the community to act professionally, diligently, honestly and objectively.

Central to this commitment is our Company Philosophy and Values, which are intrinsic to our approach. We ask that all employees understand and accept these values as their own.

Our Mission

To provide data management expertise to clients around the globe through leading technology. We are recognised as a seamless extension of our clients’ business through the dedication of our people.

Our Philosophy

DCA strives to be a leader in its field, providing organisations with cost-effective solutions for their data needs. DCA is committed to innovation, excellence, outstanding customer service, teamwork and fulfilling careers for its people.

We Value

Quality, excellence, positivity, teamwork, adaptability, commitment, persistence, motivation, client focus, learning spirits, mutual respect, dynamism, innovation and creative solutions. We acknowledge, celebrate and recognise the value and benefits of a diverse organisation and support employee diversity and equality regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.

DCA’s expectations All employees

We expect all employees to observe the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity in their general standards of behaviour and conduct at all times, regardless of their seniority or location. Namely:

  • To be committed, work effectively and make a positive contribution to the company.
  • To comply with the policies, rules, regulations and contracts of the company.
  • To communicate openly with managers and fellow employees and work cooperatively with them.
  • To maintain the integrity and privacy of any confidential information related to the company, staff and clients, as well as other information that is not public knowledge.
  • To strive to improve work skills and be open to new ideas and ways of working.
  • To be fair, reasonable and honest in all dealings with the company and customers.
  • To minimise waste and unnecessary expenditure.
  • To protect the commercial interests and reputation of the company.
  • To maintain a professional disposition and a professional standard of personal appearance and dress.
  • To show respect for fellow employees, managers and company property.
  • To recognise the rights of fellow employees and managers.

DCA’s commitment to All employees

DCA is committed to observing the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity in its relationship with its employees, namely:

  • To create a work environment in which employees are treated with respect and courtesy.
  • To create a work environment where employee differences such as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion are valued.
  • To provide adequate facilities and equipment for working effectively.
  • To be fair and reasonable in dealing with employee concerns or issues, handling them in a confidential and prompt manner.
  • To keep employees informed about the company, including regular communication about major issues and initiatives.
  • To continually seek employee input and feedback on relevant programs and initiatives.
  • To provide competitive, fair remuneration and reward programs.
  • To provide a safe working environment.
  • To provide opportunities for necessary training, development and career progression.
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