CV preparation

We appreciate your interest in job opportunities at DCA and hope we can simplify the process of applying with a few helpful suggestions.

The first step on the road to working at DCA is submitting your resume. It is important that your resume accurately reflects your skills, experience and capabilities. If you graduated from a university within the last five years, include a copy of your transcripts (unofficial is okay), a list showing individual coursework completed and grades received, as well as the overall grade average. Please note that all resumes must be submitted in English.

Submitting a resume – General Information

To make it easier for us to determine where you might best fit within our organisation, you can take the following simple steps to help us understand your qualifications:

  • PDF, HTML, or Microsoft Word documents or text formats are acceptable or you can submit using plain text format.
  • All resume and related materials (transcripts, etc.) should be submitted in English.
  • Only send essential personal information and be sure to include your name and how to contact you in the resume, not just in your cover letter.
  • Include your email, phone, and residence address.
  • Include any other relevant general personal information you may wish to share.

Educational Background

Your resume should accurately reflect your academic achievements and accomplishments, for example:

  • Your resume should show all post-secondary institutions attended, degrees conferred, and a cumulative grade point average (if available) for each degree received.
  • Only report your secondary and university level education; do NOT include elementary schooling. However, if you completed a ‘year abroad’ program as part of your pre-university education, feel free to include this in your resume.
  • Provide a brief description of any important projects you completed as part of your coursework.

Your Work Experience

You may be fresh out of a university, or have substantial work experience and a history of accomplishments. Either way, we want to know what skills you have acquired along the way. We’ll look closely at the work experience section of your resume so the information you provide here is very important.

Please make sure you:

  • List your experience, projects completed, accomplishments, achievements, etc by your position with each employer.
  • We also want to see concise, important details on your specific accomplishments and the impact your efforts had on your company.
  • If you worked while attending a university, either during the summer or concurrent with your course work, be sure to mention this even if it isn’t specifically related to a potential job at DCA.

Additional Information

Here at DCA, we value talent and intelligence, group spirit and diversity, creativity and idealism. Tell us what makes you unique by:

  • Including the names and contact information of 2-3 references. Ideally these should be people (managers or clients) that you reported to in your current or previous roles, or others who can talk knowledgeably about your skills and abilities. We don’t need copies of any written references you already have.
  • Including any awards you’ve received, articles you’ve published, or conference presentations you’ve given. We don’t need to see copies of any awards or publications, just a reference to them.
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